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Fiber is the fastest Internet service available. That means you can start streaming movies, downloading music, video conferencing, skyping and gaming faster and better! With speeds up to 1 Gigabit, it’s the fastest Internet service available anywhere.

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Find a monthly speed plan that is right for you and make the connection with us! We have friendly, local service and support, email spam and virus filtering. Learn more about service plans at

Why would I choose Fiber?

Reliability — Fiber Internet provides the most reliable type of delivery. That’s because the service runs through a fiber optic cable, so your service won’t be affected by atmospheric conditions, water, or other carrier frequencies. You also won’t have to worry about signals being blocked by trees or buildings.

Speed and Capacity — Fiber optic cables have the necessary bandwidth to deliver large amounts of data at one time from the Internet to multiple devices. Data is transmitted at significantly higher speeds—up to 1 Gigabit, which is up to 50 times faster than DSL, 4 times faster than cable Internet, and 125 times faster than some wireless speeds! Upload and download speeds are symmetrical which means you can upload items as fast as you can download. Data is unlimited, so you’ll only pay one flat fee each month.

What is the activation process?

Once we determine your location is within our Fiber network, we’ll have you connected in no time. Immediately start surfing the Internet, streaming movies and gaming online at the fastest speeds around with no data limits. Learn more about service plans at

When will Fiber service be available in your area?

Our Fiber Internet service area is continuing to grow! We’re always looking for new places to roll out our extreme-speed Internet, and now you can see any future plans for your area, and even invite us to bring Fiber Internet to your neck of the woods.

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